Andrea Marcum is an author and yoga teacher who leads retreats and workshops around the world in both intimate and conference hall settings. She has a unique ease and familiarity about her, weaving accessible philosophy into the poses appropriate for a variety of experience levels. 

Andrea loves guiding the most unassuming newbies to yoga and mindfulness and works with everyone from athletes (Matt Kemp, LA Dodgers – NFL Network) to global brands (lululemon, Equinox, NBC Universal, WELL + GOOD) to celebrities, rockstars, moms, dads and everything in between. 

Her critically acclaimed book Close to Om is available from St Martin’s Press/Macmillan -she reads the audiobook. You can practice with Andrea from anywhere on her YouTube Channel and on the Udaya and Gaia online platforms. She leads teacher trainings for YogaWorks (see her TT schedule here).

Andrea’s combination of a challenging class, and a great sense of humor are unique, intelligent, and always leave me feeling better when I leave than when I arrived. She is an amazing teacher and I love her class.

— Heather Graham, actress

Close to Om is an inspiring guide for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Marcum intersperses wisdom from such revered ancient texts as the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s yoga sutras with wisecracks, amusing anecdotes, and useful instructions and illustrative photos. Tales from her life give this vibrant memoir-cum-manual a personal and accessible yogic touch.”

—Publishers Weekly 

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