So how's your year going?!

2020 was all about travel for me... until it wasn't. But growing this global yoga community here online is like using our yoga mats as magic carpets to look into our lives and reach across the globe together. It reminds me of when I built my yoga studio, U Studio, here in LA but this time we are constructing it without walls. You might say we are comm"U"nity.

I've been teaching for well over 20 years and have been fortunate enough to lead retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and present at festivals and corporate events around the world. Oh, and I wrote a book I'd love for you to read called Close to OM - you can find it on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble etc.

I believe we practice to discover our inner-beginner... especially if we think we are "advanced" I believe integrity lives in the way we do the simplest of things and I believe there is no good reason to drink bad coffee.

Thanks for joining our comm"U"nity