Life is a Highway

January 24, 2023

live in California, so I spend a lot of time on the freeway. You might think that’s the last place I’d practice yoga, but I’ve found that the moment I put my key in the ignition (I know, we push a button now) I unlock all sorts of places where I’m tightly wound.

Hold on, I’m not giving you a series of postures to do as you whizz down the autobahn. I’m talking about yoga philosophy, specifically the Four Locks and Four Keys found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. These locks and keys are our way towards friendliness, compassion, delight, and equanimity. Not exactly things you’d expect to find as you merge onto the exigency of a raceway. Right?

Let me explain… Though I live in LA, my mother who has Parkinson’s disease lives up north in Santa Cruz and my scrappy rat terrier Tippi and I have been driving seven hours up the coast to spend time close to her. On the way back from our most recent visit, we stopped for fuel in a sleepy seaside city called Valencia, which is about an hour north of Santa Barbara. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE